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Transmediering i teori och praktik. I. Transmediering i ett kommunikationsperspektiv. II. Pippi Långstrump - från barnbok till radiopjäs.

Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift
Författare Christina Heldner
Torsten Rönnerstrand
Publicerad i Modern litteraturteori och metod i barnlitteraturforskningen. Maria Nikolajeva (ed.). Stockholm: Centrum för barnkulturforskning vid Stockholms universitet
Volym 19
Sidor 209-245
ISSN 0280-6061
Publiceringsår 1992
Publicerad vid Institutionen för romanska språk, avdelningen för franska och italienska
Sidor 209-245
Språk sv
Ämnesord Communication, transmediation, shift of medium, sender, receiver, messsage, Pippi Långstrump
Ämneskategorier Övrig annan humaniora


Part I of this article, ”Transmediation seen from a Communicational Perspective”, deals with some theoretical aspects of the process involved in transposing a ”literary” work from one medium to another. The term transmediation has been used by earlier authors to designate this process. However, the process itself does not seem to have been discussed from a theoretical point of view. Therefore, a comparison is made between transmediation and the most basic type of communication, i.e. the one taking place between two individuals present in the same place. Various parameters are discussed, such as the sender, the receiver, the message and the medium. Transmediation is observed to involve two different communicative processes - one related to the original work, the other to its transposed version - and to differ significantly from ordinary com¬munication by the fact that no interaction takes place between the sender and the receivers. The article includes a discussion of the concept of media and a description of some structural differences between relevant media to be taken into account by anybody trying to describe a specific case of transmediation. Part II is called ”Pippi Longstocking - on transposing a children’s novel into a radio play”, and gives a detailed description of a specific case of transmediation in two steps against the theoretical background sketched in part I. The first step involves the transposing of a novel into a play for the stage, and the second one transposing this stage play into a play to be broadcast on the radio. The first step was carried out by the author her¬self, Astrid Lindgren, and is observed to be very close to the novel as far as dialogue is concerned. Various differences are accounted for by the change of medium. Barbro Svinhufvud, who was in charge of the chil¬dren’s programmes on the Swedish radio at the time the play was being produced, is responsible for the second step. Act 1 is shown to closely agree with the stage play, whereas Act 2 is blatantly different in a way that could not be explained by the demands of the new medium.

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