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New Questions, New Insights, New Approaches. Contributions to the Research Forum at the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010. Yearbook 2011

Författare Ulla Carlsson
Catharina Bucht
Cecilia von Feilitzen
ISBN 978-91-86523-21-3
Förlag Nordicom, Göteborgs universitet
Förlagsort Göteborg
Publiceringsår 2011
Publicerad vid Nordicom (-2012)
Språk en
Länkar www.nordicom.gu.se/common/publ_pdf/...
Ämnesord media, communication, children, youth, consumption, health, ethics, social change
Ämneskategorier Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap


Rapid and dramatically changing digital and converging media and communication processes have given rise to new questions about the relations between children, youth and media. These processes have prompted many in research and in the debate to reformulate and re-approach basic questions at new levels and from new perspectives. By elucidating, broadening and contextualizing knowledge about young people and media from a global point of view, we also discover the very different media situations in various parts of the world. In cooperation with the hosts of the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth in 2010, Karlstad, Sweden, The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media at Nordicom organized a Research Forum with different sessions in the summit programme. The aim of each session was to provide a space for an exchange of knowledge and a dialogue between the different groups of delegates at the summit and for researchers to reach out to interested parties in and outside the research community. A constructive dialogue between representatives of different professions and positions is vital for further progress in realizing children’s rights. Under the overriding theme of the introductory Plenary Session "New Questions, New Insights, New Approaches", The Clearinghouse Research Forum had four more sessions with panels on different themes: • Children, Media, Consumption and Health • Media Ethics and Social Responsibility • Communication for Social Change • Media Literacy and Education The current Yearbook is based on the twenty-five presentations given by a range of the most outstanding scholars from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. For this book, they reworked their contributions to provide slightly extended articles.

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