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Youth Have Their Say on Internet Governance

Författare Catharina Bucht
Maria Edström
ISBN 978-91-86523-52-7
Förlag Nordicom, Göteborgs universitet
Förlagsort Göteborg
Publiceringsår 2012
Publicerad vid Nordicom (-2012)
Språk en
Länkar www.nordicom.gu.se/common/publ_pdf/...
Ämnesord youth, Nordic youth, media, internet governance, privacy, integrity, terms of use, youth participation, IGF
Ämneskategorier Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap


The report is a result of the Nordic initiative to make young people’s voices heard in international arenas, and one main arena is the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and its regional counterparts, such as EuroDIG. So far the youth have been largely absent from these forums, with very limited participation and presence even though they are sometimes the most eager users of the Internet. In June 2012 the Nordic Youth IGF took place in Stockholm, giving a group of 26 young people aged 14 to 19 years from each of the five Nordic countries the opportunity to meet and discuss issues regarding the Internet and its future. The idea of the Nordic Youth IGF was to be an open and informal meeting where youth could voice their thoughts, ideas and worries from the point of openness, diversity, accessibility, culture, security and rights. This report includes both individual statements from some Nordic youth and a summary of the opinions and demands of the Nordic youth concerning Internet governance. The report also presents some facts and figures on the Nordic countries, and lists contact information for all partners, some ongoing projects and useful documents.

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