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Micro-politics of research dissemination

Konferensbidrag (offentliggjort, men ej förlagsutgivet)
Författare Eva Weinmayr
Publicerad i Symposium Micropolitics of Reseach Dissemination, Research School at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg
Publiceringsår 2018
Publicerad vid Akademin Valand
Språk en
Länkar gantrack6.com/t/pm/1698082924081/
Ämnesord Artistic Research, Research Dissemination, Publishing, Collaboration, Collectivity, Impact, Citation
Ämneskategorier Konst


The symposium is concerned with the micro-politics of artistic research and its dissemination asking: Who is your research for? Who can advance from your work? Artistic research can aim to advance and give new insights into the field of arts. It can likewise be a messy and cross-disciplinary collaboration with many different people and groups outside academia. How can we feed back into these communities? What forms of dissemination could you develop, in order to make this possible? And what kind of narratives are you developing to talk about what you are doing? Why these? How do you define value for what you are doing? There is lots of talk about ‘markers of impact’ in academic research defined by new public management policies. In science and humanities these markers are defined by “outcomes”, citation index and metrification. Do you want to adopt the concept of ‘impact’ for your work? And if so, how would you define the potential impact of your research? Dissemination also addresses the question of “practice” (a messy process) in contrast to “publication”, (the discrete, authoritative object that comes in format of writings). Starting from Charlotte Cooper’s Research Justice Diagram, and from selected contributions by our peers we will share and discuss the above aspects of our research process (theoretical or practice-led). We hope to create with this symposium an opportunity to share knowledge without disembodying the practice, to test things out, to look, listen, experience and be in conversation through and about each other’s practice (and struggles). This presentation discusses the question of impact: Yes, I do adopt the concept of impact for my work. However this potential impact is embedded in the practice – on an operational level. These “grey practices” are processes and interactions, not objects. They are neither authored nor auditable. They are collective, contextual and responsive. So, while I can clearly see value in the doing, academia (and new public management, i.e. the funding university) requests to produce a result, an object or outcome, which is able to transfer knowledge. My question is: could we redefine this space of transfer? Who is the public, which benefits from this collectively formed knowledge and related experiences?

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