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Creating Effective Teams - A Guide for Members and Leaders (6th ed.)

Författare Susan A. Wheelan
Maria Åkerlund
Christian Jacobsson
ISBN 978-1-5443-3297-0
Förlag Sage Publications
Förlagsort Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Publiceringsår 2020
Publicerad vid Psykologiska institutionen
Språk en
Länkar https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/cr...
Ämneskategorier Tillämpad psykologi


Research on work groups and on methods for team development keeps giving us broader and deeper knowledge. Susan Wheelan wrote the first five editions of Creating Effective Teams to keep up to date with new information, such as new research findings and changes in the organization of work that impact groups. When it was time to write the sixth edition of this book, Susan had retired. That is why there are two more authors of this edition. The three of us have worked together for 15 years to spread knowledge about one of Susan’s important creations and contributions to both team research and team development, the Group Development Questionnaire. This collaboration has given us insight into Susan’s research and theoretical work. We are honored to have this opportunity to continue the collaboration this way. It is our hope that leaders, members, researchers, educators, and consultants will find this, the sixth edition, helpful and inspiring. People have formed work groups to accomplish goals and tasks since the beginning of human history. The small group, whose members work collaboratively for their mutual benefit or survival, is the oldest form of social organization. Groups have played a major role in both the survival of human beings and the development of human culture. Some would argue that our ability to work together was, and is, the key to human survival and advancement. Work groups have a long and remarkable track record of success. People have always used work groups to generate new ideas, get things done, and nurture individuals.

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