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Women's responses to poli… - Göteborgs universitet Till startsida
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Women's responses to political changes in Southern Africa - common grounds and differences

Författare Ann Schlyter
ISBN 0907-2179
Förlag Feminist Research Centre in Aalborg, Aalborg University, Paper no. 30
Förlagsort Aalborg
Publiceringsår 1996
Publicerad vid Institutionen för omvärldsstudier av människans villkor, centrum för globala genusstudier
Språk en
Länkar www2.ihis.aau.dk/freia/skriftserie/...
Ämnesord women, gender, political change, Southern Africa
Ämneskategorier Freds- och utvecklingsforskning, Genusstudier


The political changes in Southern Africa have meant different things for women and men and for women in different classes. The political transformation in Southern Africa is complex and shows a variety of characteristics so a short presentation like this is bound to be limited.

On basis of a case study in urban Zambia I will argue that the trans- formation from a one- to a multi-party system has dismantled structures in which grassroots women had some influence, especially regarding their own township and environment, while a feminist movement led by educated women experienced some openings due to more liberal attitudes to NGOs. Political changes open up different possibilities and evoke different responses in different classes. A common ground is women ́s interest for legal protection against destitution and violence.

I was also asked to comment on the situation in South Africa. And I like to tell the success story about how South African women, at a certain point in time, managed to bridge racial, ethnic and other contradictions in order to influence the constitutional reform process. The constitution principles were discussed widely in civil organisations, and today South Africa has i unique interim constitution that condemns discrimination on basis of gender or on sexual orientation.

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